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"Oddfellows is a place that feels great to be in at anytime of day. The coffee, baked goods, and service are consistently pleasant and the Vintage Americana style is a perfect fit for the easy-come, easy-go attitude inside. We love visiting Oddfellows when natural light is pouring in from the large front windows, and when the weather is really good we enjoy sitting outside on one of their two patios.


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"I refer to Oddfellows as 'Capital Hill's Living Room.' It's open to everyone for all occasions."


The Seattle Times

"Burroughs, the beverage director, has put his fingerprint on each Derschang project, from the California eat-veggies mantra of Tallulah’s, where he makes fruit liqueurs and started an organic wine menu, to Smith, where he has built a solid, all-around craft-beer, whiskey and cocktail program."


Seattle met

"The next time some fine young Eastern European backpacker asks you to direct him to a hip area of town, steer him up Capitol Hill to Linda’s. Twenty- and thirtysomethings hang out under the stuffed buffalo head at the bar, out on the back deck, or near the jukebox where they queue up Johnny Cash songs."


Seattle Times

King’s Hardware is a dive bar. It’s owned by Linda Derschang, so of course there’s wall-to-wall taxidermy. She, more than anyone else, is responsible for that “wilderness chic” décor that’s so popular here.

The Stranger

"You have a fridge like a lot of the rappers on MTV Cribs: so many beverages. Ten bottles of champagne, three SodaStream bottles, two bottles of lemonade, Rachel's Ginger Beer, a six-pack of Tecate, a gallon of milk, almond milk..."



"Oddfellows is another one of Linda Derschang’s restaurants on this list (Tallulah’s is the other one). Located in the Oddfellows building next to Elliott Bay Bookstore and Totokaelo, it serves rustic food all day long. It is where the Capitol Hill’s quirk and art crowd gather."


The Seattle Times

"You wonder where it came from; Derschang’s sixth sense about what it takes to make a bar stand out and stay up, when so many have fired up and burned out."


Seattle Times

"The gin and tonic is the most interesting and complex drink you can get for under $10. At Smith on Capitol Hill, the tonic is made with 11 herbs and fruits to pair with Batch 206 gin. The gin’s cucumber and tarragon flavors meld well with the floral and citrus notes in the mixer."


The Everygirl

In Seattle’s dynamic neighborhood of Capitol Hill, you’ll find the Oddfellows Café + Bar, nestled inside the historic Oddfellows building. Built in 1908, Oddfellows still has many of the details from the buildings original construction—old wooden floors, original brick and windows—and it is nothing short of charming. 



Food & Wine

"Close to one of the most beautiful parks of Seattle, Volunteer Park, Tallulah’s has a European and mid-century sophistication in contrast to the other Derschang restaurants. The food is also vegetable- and season-driven, with many gluten-free menu items."