The Derschang Group has been creating spaces in Seattle for friends to get together since 1994. TDG includes Oddfellows Cafe and Bar, Little Oddfellows, Tallulah’s, Smith, Linda’s Tavern, and King’s Hardware. They are passionate about community involvement and causes including equality, reproductive rights, literacy, and supporting independent arts.  



Linda Derschang



Linda Derschang is the founder and CEO of The Derschang Group; a mix of restaurants, cafes and bars in Seattle, Washington. Her first was Linda’s Tavern, established in 1994, a neighborhood bar that has become a Capitol Hill institution. Twenty-five years later, she's launched eleven successful bars and restaurants, while staying committed to community involvement and causes.


Becca Fuhrman



Trained in art and architecture, Becca's interests lie in understanding , illustrating, and enhancing the experiences of people and space. At The Derschang Group, she moves between different creative mediums to continue to develop the uniquely tailored experiences that make each TDG location a memorable blends of art, architecture, and space.  


Jack Garshae



With a foundation in accounting and a passion for financial analytics, Jack loves to geek out and look to the many stories numbers can tell you in the Hospitality Industry.  Outside of work you can find him with friends and family, playing softball, sipping mezcal, and snowshoeing.